Sligo 1921-23 - Michael Farry

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The Aftermath of Revolution - Sligo 1921-23
Michael Farry

This is a fascinating study of the effects of the Irish Civil War in Sligo, a relatively quiet county, during the War of Independence, which proved to be one of the most troublesome areas for the Free State Army in the Civil War.

For a long time, the west of Ireland had been largely overlooked in studies of the war. Farry discusses the social and economic effects of the war: the build-up to conflict, the progress and geography of the war, the disruption to the daily lives of citizens, education, transportation, law and order, also there is a chapter on how the Protestant community was affected.

This is a highly successful marriage of political, social, and economic history.

Publisher: University College Dublin Press (2000)
288 pages



FOREWORD by Michael Hopkinson


1 THE TRUCE PERIOD: The Position of the IRA–Local Government Divisions–Amalgamation of
Poor Law Unions–IRA Interference in Local Government–IRA Organisation

2 THE TREATY: Reactions to the Treaty–Arguments for and against the Treaty

3 THE DRIFT TO CIVIL WAR: January-May 1922–The General Election Campaign–The Collins-de Valera Pact–Analysis of the Election Results

4 THE COURSE OF THE CIVIL WAR: July 1922: August-October 1922: November 1922–January 1923: January-June 1923

5 THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE CIVIL WAR IN COUNTY SLIGO: Distribution of Civil War Incidents–Civil War and War of Independence Incidents Compared–Distribution of Civil War Activists

6 COUNTY SLIGO PARTICIPANTS: The Social Dimension of the Civil War Division–Occupations of Fathers of Participants–Land Valuation–House Class and Valuation–Ages of Participants–Officers and Rank and File

7 DAILY LIFE IN COUNTY SLIGO DURING THE CIVIL WAR: Communications–Social and Sporting Events–Sporting Activity–School Attendance–Food Prices–Industrial Unrest–Agricultural Prices–Co-operative Creamery Societies

8 LAW AND ORDER: The Truce Period–From Treaty to Civil War–The Civil War Period

9 SLIGO PROTESTANTS AFTER THE REVOLUTION: The Decline in the Protestant Population–The Protestants of County Sligo–Protestant Social Organisations–1916-22: A Succession of Disappointments–Protestants as Victims


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